New Service for Knowsley residents aims at reducing loneliness

AGE UK has found that prior to pandemic there was 1.4 million older people who are often lonely within the UK. The pandemic has further increased this figure forcing more people into social isolation with lack of social support or community engagement.

Caring Connections is a registered charity that has been operating across the Merseyside region for nearly 30 years. As an organization its key objectives is to improve levels of independence and reduce levels of social isolation and loneliness.

The organization is now proud to launch its ‘Gigs Gabs Wellbeing Service’ aiming to reduce loneliness across Knowsley kindly funded by the Knowsley Foundation. The service will provide social wellbeing calls / listening ear support to adults experiencing loneliness, the service is fully funded and provided by Caring Connections Wellbeing Coordinator.

Part of the service will be the provision of timely referrals to local social groups and activities to support people to get out and reengage in community activities and access support where needed. Alongside this there will also be monthly social events aimed at bringing people together and supporting people to redevelop and build their social networks.

Gillian ‘Gig’ Bettle, Wellbeing Coordinator at Caring Connections stated ‘We are really proud to be able to launch this service to Knowsley residents. I have been providing wellbeing support services for over 18 months now and have seen firsthand how much difference a social call can make to a persons life. It always shocks me how many people within our communities have little to no social contacts and how this has grown over the pandemic. One of our big things on this project will be moving people from telephone-based calls to face-to-face events with the aim of building new friendships and networks.’

If you would like support though the Gigs Gabs service or would like to find put more please call Caring Connections on 01512892761.