NexusProtect have kept busy during lockdown

As a Knowsley business coming out of the Covid 19, Chamber Member, NexusProtect have been one of the lucky ones, with plenty of work throughout the lockdown.

Nick Holden, Managing Director of NexusProtect comments, ‘We have been lucky that just before the lock down we managed to secure a number of national mobilisation contracts with large security and facility services providers so were engaged throughout the period. In addition, with our background in risk, resilience, logistical operations etc. we managed to expand the original service offering.’

NexusProtect provides all aspects of security, risk, and resilience management. Their background in business continuity, incident and crisis management provided them with the ability to support its client with a broad spectrum of services during the Covid crisis.

Nick continues, ‘Throughout the lockdown we worked with businesses on the cyber security and awareness for staff, home working risk assessments etc. Now that we are coming out of the lockdown we are working with business on the safe return to work and future IT strategies as ‘Home Working’ is now be realised as a more productive way of working, including costs saving in property rental.

NexusProtect is more than happy to provide advice to any companies that have and or are facing difficulties coming out of the lockdown with their risk management, business continuity, resilience, or general business practice in the new world.

If you would like a chat with Nick or his team please drop them a email to