One of largest apprenticeship employers in Knowsley creates more opportunities for borough’s young people

Knowsley-based housing association Livv has this year created another 18 positions in its workforce for young people, becoming one of the largest apprenticeship providers in the borough.

Livv Housing Group, headquartered in Prescot, has now helped around 150 young people secure roles over the past eight years.

In the unprecedented year of 2020, Livv was inundated with applications for the apprenticeships spanning a range of areas including marketing, facilities management, finance, joinery, plumbing, homes sales and business intelligence.

Ring-fenced for 16 to 24-year-olds living in Knowsley, those securing the 17 apprenticeship positions include school leavers, college graduates and university alumni.

All apprentices will complete additional qualifications alongside their on-the-job training, with several of them working towards the Certificate in Housing Practice Level 3. This accredited qualification from the Chartered Institute of Housing will enable the apprentices to become effective housing practitioners and provide them with a deeper understanding of how organisations in the housing industry operate.

All apprentices will also be involved with the many volunteering programmes Livv runs within Knowsley.

Léann Hearne, Chief Executive of Livv Housing Group, said: “We are committed to investing in the borough’s young people and recognise the importance of providing apprenticeships in the area. With this year’s pandemic, we were even more conscious of the need to offer support.

“From data collected by the Office of National Statistics, we can see that those aged 16 to 24 have been hardest hit by job losses and the impacts of furlough, with over 50% of this age group affected by either of these outcomes. It has also been suggested that, due to disruption so early on in their careers, the long-term impacts are likely to be greater for them than for other age groups.

“Our apprenticeships are therefore invaluable, enabling young people in the borough to develop skills and gain qualifications which provide a platform on which they can build long and successful careers.”

Livv’s conversion rate from apprenticeship positions to permanent long-term jobs is enviable; last year the housing association recruited 20 apprentices, of which 19 (95%) are currently in employment with Livv or have secured a permanent role in other organisations.