People, Passion and Fun brings award success for Ell & Dee

The Ell & Dee team have a passion for learning and development and work across a diverse range of sectors specialising in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and mental health care through a variety of interactive learning initiatives whilst incorporating relevant elements of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming – a modern and growing approach to improved communication, personal development, and well-being.)

Led by, award winning Director, Claire Morton, Ell & Dee create a culture of learning and growth to be able to move society and businesses forward.

“We love people and enjoying making the most out of each day, whether it be design, research, delivery, relationships or practise – we have FUN, we are real people who love what we do…PEOPLE are our PASSION.” said Claire.

Ell & Dee pride themselves on living and breathing their strong values; inspirational leadership; innovation and pioneering character; openness and honesty; embracing difference; and recognising and celebrating success.

Claire said: “We have a desire to inspire, coach and mentor our people and our clients to create outstanding leadership everywhere from society to business. We do this by taking on and embracing new ideas with passion and enthusiasm in an open and honest environment. We embrace differences and see it as an opportunity to learn from each other and we love to recognise and celebrate our successes and the success of our clients by organising social events at special times within the year so everyone is appreciated for their input and creativity.”

It is this recent success that brings Knowsley Chamber out to meet Ell & Dee at their stunning premises in Knowsley Village. A venue of tranquillity, with views across farmers’ fields with a bit of Posh & Becks style luxury thrown in for good measure. A relatively new company, Ell & Dee only started trading in early 2017, but already Claire and Ell & Dee have been nominated for two awards and was a winner of a third Merseyside award.

Ell & Dee were nominated for an award in the 2019 Merseyside Independent Business awards, which is founded and presented by fellow Knowsley Chamber member Morecrofts and a second nomination for The Womens Organisation for best Health and Wellbeing Business. These nominations were hot on the heels of success at the 2019 Merseyside Women of the Year Awards this summer. Claire picked up the hotly contested award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2019.

“It is so lovely just to be nominated for an award. It means someone, often a client, is thinking about you and your relationship enough to put time and effort into an award nomination or submission. I think our values and the close relationships we build through our work is key to our success. Nonetheless it is a lovely shock and surprise to be linked to awards.”

The Ell & Dee journey is a great Knowsley success story. You can find out more about Ell&Dee through their website or giving them a call, they are also inviting you to join them for the afternoon at their Renew Retreat Day on Sunday 13th October.

The retreat is 3 hours of pure relaxation, reiki, meditation and coaching for an investment of £30. It is a great value session for anyone wanting to improve their well-being, mindset & optimise overall health.

To book contact Ell & Dee on 0151 546 7060 or visit the website at Ell & Dee NLP