Placements needed for The Knowsley Apprenticeship programme

The Knowsley Apprenticeship programme is currently recruiting for the next academic year.

More than 100 Apprentices need to be placed into Apprenticeships in Knowsley this year. This summer the team have had a large influx of young people who have applied for the Electrical Installation Apprenticeship. Far more than in previous years. Currently there are only 2 placement positions available in this sector.

If your business can help or you know a local sub-contractor with an electrical business can you get in touch. We are looking for businesses that would be willing to discuss taking on an apprentice. The Knowsley apprentice team will provide all the support you need and there is a £3,000 support grant for the businesses taking on a Knowsley young person as an apprentice this year.

We are going to have a lot of young people really disappointed if we can’t find a few more businesses that are willing to help.

If you are interested or want to know more, please call the apprenticeship team direct on 0151 443 5953 or email: