Secretary of State announces the start of the first part of the National Retraining Scheme, Get Help to Retrain

The National Retraining Scheme is the government’s new programme to prepare adults for future changes to the economy, including those brought about by automation. It will help them to retrain and secure better jobs whilst supporting employers to get the skilled workers they need.

Get Help to Retain is the first step in the user’s journey towards gaining new skills and securing a better job. As the first part of the scheme to be delivered it will allow eligible adults to:

  • Understand their existing skills.
  • Understand what other jobs that they could do.
  • Find existing training courses that will help open up a wider range of job options.
  • Support them to sign up to training courses.
  • Support, motivate and help them through the next steps and the training.


You can find out more about the National Retraining Scheme, which is being led and overseen by the National Retraining Partnership – a strategic partnership between the Confederation of British Industry, Trades Union Congress and Government – in the policy paper here and in their explainer video here.