SHOP for You service is continuing to deliver shopping support

The KPAIS, SHOP for You service, is continuing to deliver shopping support to existing clients and any new clients who need a regular shopping service.

This is a charged service but thanks to funding from LCR Cares, the team are able to make sure they only charge for one hour, even when the shopping is taking longer due to queues.

The team can put in place a reliable weekly shopping call with one of their DBS checked supporters. Call 0151 449 3706 to make a referral or pass on their details to any older people and families.

KPAIS has postponed all support packages which were providing cleaning or other support services in light of social distancing rules and have replaced those visits with a welfare phone call. They are making sure that those people still have contact and connection and to maintain the relationship already growing.

The calls have been a great success. So although the dust may be building up, what is important is that there are some light-hearted chat and in many cases a good laugh to continue to raise spirits and look after people’s wellbeing whilst reducing social isolation for our most vulnerable clients.

The KPAIS, TASK line remains open for calls, if people have any maintenance jobs that need doing, all of their traders are practicising safe working, using gloves and masks and social distancing so if the boiler breaks down you can still access a reputable trader through TASK on 0151 546 6680 and gardeners don’t even have to come into the home!

The, Good Life Project, is taking referrals for any kind of advice and support that people may need. Call 0151 949 5441 to make a referral. The team recognise that Covid-19 has taken over everyone’s thoughts but sometimes there are still other problems behind that and the Good Life also has the Someone to Talk To service on 07934 171 195 so people don’t need to feel alone.

If you have any questions or would like to talk through any potential referrals for any of the services above, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.