Simply Amazing UK DATATEAMS Limited

Knowsley is a special place, and with like-minded people nothing is unachievable.

As many of our members will know, Acorn Farm, the urban farm that operates as a charity here in Knowsley, recently experienced an early morning intruder trying to break into their premises.   Their CCTV system monitored the whole incident which was disturbing in that the intruder was accompanied by 2 very large dogs and, whilst trying to gain access, they broke the electric gates and caused over £500 in damage.

Knowsley Members and the Business Watch members were alerted. Merseyside Police reacted quickly to support the farm and the staff.  However the support did not stop there. UK DATATEAMS Ltd, an IT & infrastructure solutions company, based in Knowsley, immediately contacted Knowsley Chamber with an offer of help.  Shaun Cassells, Managing Director of UK DATATEAMS Ltd, offered financial support to Acorn Farm to repair the damaged gates.  Shaun said “Acorn Farm is such a huge part of the borough, and we see the value they bring, especially at grass roots.

“One of our family worked there and was very much involved in supporting the charitable activities that Acorn Farm does so well. Unfortunately, she passed away at a young age, but I know that if she was here now she would be out with a bucket trying to raise much needed funds.

Shaun added “Knowsley is a special place, and no thanks are needed in this case. As a company we take great value in our social and corporate responsibility and it is truly an honour to be able to give assistance.

Shaun commented “We want to help support our local charities, and as a local company it’s a responsibility that we have firmly adopted. If more businesses can be encouraged to play their part it will make a difference and make the borough an even better place.”

Lesley Martin-Wright, CEO Knowsley Chamber, said “We really value the work that UK DATATEAMS Ltd is doing. Not only are they contributing to the economic growth of Knowsley, but also making a rich contribution to social impact.

Lesley added “Recently one of our companies said that “No-one does it better than Knowsley” and I think they are right”.