So this is how we do ‘Halloween‘ in lockdown

‘Halloween‘ in lockdown 🎃🎃

This year the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation have created an opportunity for people to recreate their popular Welly Walk event themselves, from wherever you live in the UK.


Their Spooky welly walk adventure pack is COVID-proof so if you, your family, friends, colleagues or neigbours are looking for a fun, interactive, alternative Halloween activity this year, don’t fear we have the perfect replacement for trick n treat and it gives you the  opportunity to still do Halloween in style and safely . The kids will love it! It will keep them entertained for hours as they share their spooky selfies and ghoulish antics with family and friends from their phones/ tablets safely.  There’s absolutely no need for them to be missing out on the fun in 2020 . You’re also promoting good lung health for yourself and children by doing this outdoors too.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create something brand new for our amazing supporters like you this year – please sign up and share the link. Together let’s make Halloween happen.


Finally don’t forget to share your Spooky selfies and photos on Instagram (@roycastlelungcancer), Facebook  (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation) and Twitter (@Roy_Castle_Lung) pages.  We’d love to share them 😊

A Halloween heartfelt thank you from us all.  Have fun!