Social Care Hero Awarded with Caribbean Holiday

Not all superheroes are visible, and this has been more evident in recent months with our frontline Social Care workers placing their lives on the line for the communities they serve.


The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated many people’s lives within various communities and it quite rightly highlighted the NHS workers who go above and beyond the call of duty.   However, the Social Care Sector workers were almost ignored, and we felt it was important to highlight the work thry do on a day to day basis. We decided it was right to raise their profile and in doing this shine a light by raising the profile of the Social Care Sector Worker. We wanted to really show how valuable and grateful we are for our key workers within our societies.

I am the Founder of Tyler Brown Travel, and have a Social Care background, working within the sector for over twenty years.  I felt this was the right thing to do, to highlight the challenges facing the Social Care workers.

These workers very rarely make headline news, the wonderful and selfless contributions made on the frontline to the lives of people across the varying care sectors can only be described as heroic!

Being born on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Nevis, I felt what better place for a Social Care Hero to take a well deserved holiday here, together with their partner.  Tyler Brown Travel is delighted to offer a special trip to the island (now the borders have recently been opened) to show them how much we value their work and commitment throughout the pandemic.  Tyler Brown Travel is a UK Independent Travel Agent specialising in Nevis, a destination that offers so much and guarantees a lifetime of memories!

I am delighted to announce after receiving over 200 nominations, (all of which are winners in my eyes for doing the job they do) We can confirm that Michelle Adamson, who was nominated by Paul Growney is our super hero winner.

I was so moved and impressed that Michelle coordinated a range of tik tok videos celebrating social care workers, this having over 100,000 views.  Michelle started a local social campaign highlighting the importance of their works and also to celebrate the social care workforce.  Michelle conducted a range of interviews on the radio and in local and national news outlets, all helping to raise fellow carers spirits and to show how much they are valued.

Sadly, Michelle was struck down by ill health earlier this year,  which has forced her to stay at home, however her spirits and passion for her work have remained strong and she has continued to lift and support others.

Paul Growney, CEO of Caring Connections commented ‘ I am so very proud of Michelle.  She has had a tough time this year, but always has kept a smile on her face and put her colleagues before herself.  Absolutely made up for her to win this special trip’.