A successful Summer for NexusProtect

NexusProtect has secured a number of contracts to take the team through to the Christmas period. Though this is traditionally a quiet period for operations, NexusProtect has not rested on its laurels, taking on new clients and continuing retained services with existing ones.

The team is now working with more than 100 schools, thanks to an influx of new clients in the run-up to the new school year. In addition to retaining 100 per cent of its existing school customers, NexusProtect will now offer GDPR and data protection services to its new educational clients.

In addition to schools, Managing Director Nick Holden is approaching several corporates for training opportunities. He is looking to deliver board level briefings on the importance of taking a holistic approach to security management.

Holden says: “Taking an overarching view of your security management risks provides a number of benefits to an organisation, both financially and reputationally. In a modern business environment, an organisation must protect its assets and be able to show clients that their data is in safe hands. If not, there will no doubt be financial pain via loss and/or damage to assets and supply chains, not to mention financial losses through a damaged reputation.

“We look to help organisations both operationally and, more importantly, strategically. We take a holistic approach to mitigate the converging risks they face. At the same time, we can support organisations to make effective spending decisions. This approach will generate income via different channels such as loss prevention, operational efficiency, reputational stability and robust growth.”

This approach helped NexusProtect secure the contract to conduct a strategic security review for the University of London against the likes of PwC and other large consultancy firms. This holistic outlook has led to extremely positive conversations with the University, facilitating the next phase – implementing the review findings.

Holden concludes: “Gone are the days when it was best for internal business functions to operate independently. There needs to be an overarching view of the organisation’s delivery through cooperative working, cultural change, policy and process synchronisation, and a balanced score card approach to management.”

NexusProtect provides a range of services either as singular work streams or with a holistic approach. Its experience comes from its team working in senior management and executive roles in both public and private sector organisations.