Support for the people of Ukraine


The Chamber is hearing stories of the aid and support that is taking shape in our businesses and communities to support the people of Ukraine.

Jaguar Land Rover Halewood’s colleagues based at their Nitra manufacturing facility in Slovakia are providing border transportation and temporary accommodation to the families of their Ukrainian colleagues as well as helping them integrate into the local community. In addition, they are mobilising a fleet of vehicles to their long-standing partner the International Federation of Red Cross Societies in their efforts to provide humanitarian aid to at-risk communities.

Roberts Recycling Ltd, (together with the team at Polskie Merseyside) are storing, transferring and loading trucks full of humanitarian aid (see LinkedIn post below).

Knowsley Chamber has written to the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine to send our thoughts and wishes in the spirit of solidarity.

Please keep us in the loop with any of the activities or actions that you are undertaking to support the people in Ukraine and those displaced by the war.