Supporting employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination – MOBILE UNIT in Knowsley Industrial Park 8, 9, 10 and 11 February

Knowsley Council in partnership with Knowsley CCG will be providing a MOBILE COVID-19 vaccination service for your staff to access in the coming days.

The Vaccination mobile and welfare unit will be touring the Knowsley Industrial Park from Tuesday 8 to Friday 11 February, between 10am and 3pm. You can visit or direct your employees to the unit at the following locations:

Tues 08/02/22 Knowsley Industrial Park, NORTH –  North Mersey Business Centre
Wed 09/02/22 Knowsley Industrial Park, NORTH – North Mersey Business Centre
Thurs 10/02/22 Knowsley Industrial Park, SOUTH – Chums
Fri 11/02/22

Knowsley Industrial Park, SOUTH – Chums

Getting the COVID-19 vaccination is important because:

  • It offers you the best protection from the virus and reduces the risk of you getting seriously sick. If you haven’t yet had a jab it isn’t too late, even getting your first and second doses now will help protect you from the virus which is still circulating in our communities.
  • It reduces the risk of you catching and spreading the virus.
  • If you’re vaccinate you don’t need to isolate if you come into contact with someone who has COVID-19. You still need to isolate if you test positive.
  • It helps your employer ensure a safe working environment for you and your colleagues


Businesses play a vital role in helping to support their staff in getting their vaccines. Only through collective effort will we help people to make well informed decisions and encourage as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

Please Communicate the benefits of vaccination to your staff. There is a variety of resources available for you to use from the .gov website. Google Coronavirus Employer Toolkit or follow the link: Employer Toolkit – Coronavirus Resource centre (

What vaccinations can I get on the vaccine bus?

You can access first, second and booster doses on the vaccine bus. No appointment is needed and you don’t need to be registered with a GP.

How long does the vaccine take to work?

It can take a few weeks for the vaccine to protect you. Although the vaccine reduces your chance of catching the virus, it is really important you continue to take steps to protect yourself and others.

Does the vaccine work for everyone?

The COVID-19 vaccine reduces your risk of getting seriously ill and reduces the risk of passing the virus on to friends and family.


If you have serious allergies, you should check with the clinician on the bus if it is safe for you to get the vaccine. You might have a serious allergy if you carry an EpiPen.

Pregnant or think you may be

Pregnant women are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 and, if they get Covid-19 late in their pregnancy, the baby could also be at risk. Nearly all women who are pregnant can have the vaccine. If you are trying for a baby, you can still have your vaccine – there is no evidence that Covid-19 vaccination affects your chances of becoming pregnant. Please talk to your GP or midwife about your individual circumstances.

Problems with your immune system

The vaccine is safe if you have problems with your immune system (this is when your body finds it hard to fight infections).

Side effects of the vaccine

Some people experience side effects after having the vaccine. These are usually mild and last for only a few days. You can find out more at