The Knowsley Manufacturing Network


A very successful network, which is well attended by a range of businesses involved in the Manufacturing sector.  Chaired by a leading manufacturing company from Knowsley, Beverston Engineering.


The network is supported by ABGI-UK, who are the official sponsor of the Knowsley Manufacturing Network for 2021.

Russell McGrath, Innovation Funding  Specialist for ABGI-UK, said: “Knowsley has a fantastic Manufacturing sector and with a constant focus on innovation, the manufacturing and engineering industries are vital to the UK economy. Whether companies are developing prototypes or enhancing their manufacturing processes, making better use of the various innovation funding available to UK businesses should help these companies free up more funds for reinvestment in innovation within the sector.”

Key manufacturing highlights from Knowsley are:-

  • 6,900 Advanced Manufacturing employees
  • 28% the rate that Advanced Manufacturing jobs have increased in Knowsley since 2009
  • 5x the rate that manufacturing businesses in the borough have increased compared to the national average since 2010
  • 11,000 students enrolled in STEM subjects at local universities
  • £4bn the value of manufacturing to the Liverpool City Region economy

The Manufacturing Network’s aims are to:

  • Encourage and develop best practice across all manufacturing businesses and the associated sub-sectors
  • Encourage businesses to make better use of innovation, technology and training to improve efficiency
  • Help to develop and support growth and competitiveness within the sector
  • Work alongside strategic partners to generate long-term sustainable employment opportunities
  • Attract inward investment and new businesses into the borough

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