Top Tips For Keeping Your Energy Frequency High When Working From Home – Claire Morton, Ell&Dee

During these difficult times and as more people will be working from home, Chamber Member Claire Morton has provided us with some top tips to keep your energy levels up…

Keep a positive mindset – Remember to be grateful for this opportunity to carry on working at this time. Gratitude is the greatest human value you can have. Get washed and dressed as you would for work, staying in pjs or night wear will only deflate your mood. Smile and say your affirmations. If you’re unsure of these please see below for examples. If other people are home, maybe schedule time in with them for lunch. Its also good to set some boundaries around the home so you’re not distracted or disturbed.

Use reliable resources – Make sure you have the relevant equipment you require, laptop, wifi connection, battery charger, printer (if required) etc. I would highly recommend utilising skype or facetime, opening a face to face call. You can keep this open in the background so it’s a virtual office and you’re maintaining connection with your team. Schedule regular chats and talk about things other than work this will improve wellbeing and maintains a healthy, productive and engaged workplace culture.

Have short, regular breaks – Short breaks every 60 to 90 minutes will boost your focus and concentration. This is usually down to your personality. I, personally do 60-minute focus and do not move until 60 minutes is up. I usually give myself a reward like a cup of coffee, walk outside, stretch or cuddle with my dog. The phone is only used for phone calls, LEAVE social media until lunch or break.

Create a routine – Keep to your structured day and make a part of the home your office (if you can) Make it so that you can close the door on it or put your work away so you’re not tempted to go back to it later in the evening or at the weekend. It can wait!!!! Once you’ve completed your working day, then CLOSE the laptop / pc and PUT it away. Leave social media until break times and if you have something to focus on without disruption – leave your phone in another room and switch off emails…go on try it!!! I dare you

Practice self-care and find enjoyment – When working sit by a window, so you can look outside when needed for ideas and inspiration, on breaks get outside with nature, meditate (which is simply sitting with yourself, focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts) , sing, dance, move, stretch, call a good friend, go walking, cuddle your pet, laugh, read a chapter of a good book, listen to your favourite podcast, or cook yourself something tasty for lunch

Mental Wealth – your mind is a beautiful tool and you need to nurture and nourish it with good thoughts, this in turn affects your behaviour and results. Take time out to reflect on how your feeling throughout the day. You won’t have people physically around you to notice for you, so for you to be aware of how you’re feeling physically, mentally and emotionally is key and its on you to open up about this so you avoid getting to the point of feeling lonely, stressed or anxious. See breathing technique below. This is a great way to bring the body and mind back to calm.

Acceptance – accept the things you can not change and the things that you cannot control. There is no point in wasting your energy and thoughts on what you have no control over. The only thing you can control is YOU, your thoughts and responses.

Affirmations for purpose and choice

I am open to all possibilities and opportunities

I have choices, I have many choices, some will be easy and enjoyable, some will be tough although will help me to learn and support my personal change and growth

I choose my mood

I choose my responses

I choose my life

I choose my purpose

Abdominal breathing

  1. Breathe in through the nose
  2. As the air comes in – abdomen inflates like a balloon
  3. Exhale breathe out through the nose
  4. As the air comes out – the abdomen deflates
  5. Repeat for 5 minutes or longer

Practise this at least 5 minutes a day – morning and evening or whenever time is need to step back and re-focus

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