Support available to help implement your carbon reduction initiatives

The Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory is a partnership between the University of Liverpool, LJMU and Lancaster University assisting local SMEs to develop new or improved products, processes and services that will have a positive impact on CO2 emissions.

Speak to Rob, Industrial Relations Manager, University of Liverpool Low Carbon Eco Innovatory Programme about the support for your carbon reduction plans or ideas. One example of the support available through the University of Liverpool is up to 140 hours of research at no cost… 

Projects can be in any subject, with businesses in any sector as long as we can demonstrate the potential for CO2 reductions.  This includes improving and streamlining processes, logistics, energy efficiency, building and architecture, electronics and controls.

The project has had collaborations across the university in, for example: Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science and Architecture.

It is not limited to what is traditionally perceived as the ‘green’ sector i.e. wind turbines, solar PV etc., but has specifically been designed as a cross-sectoral approach to assist businesses in all areas to reduce carbon emissions for themselves or their customers.

The project is focussed on assisting SMEs with economic activity within the City Region, including Halton and Daresbury, and as such has been created to ensure a simple process and offer the best available assistance through efficient use of ERDF funds.

There is up to 140 hours of in-depth collaborative research giving SMEs access to knowledge, expertise and facilities at no cost.

The process is as follows:

  • Company contacts LCEI with an R&D idea
  • LCEI match expertise with a Graduate across the university
  • A Graduate is recruited to undertake the research.
  • The Graduate and SME develop the idea.
  • Project starts.
  • Upon completion SME has a working document to take forward.



Or for further information please contact: Rob Capleton – Industry Relations Manager University of Liverpool on: