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What We Do

Knowsley Chamber of Commerce has been providing support for the success of businesses in Knowsley since 1987.

We are a private sector led business.  Our vision is to be the trusted ally for all businesses, contributing to Knowsley’s diverse economic strength and inclusive growth.  We aim to be the first choice for business support and representation in Knowsley, and a major influencer and contributor to the economic development of Knowsley.

Our Team prides itself in helping businesses take advantage of opportunities, supporting them to address challenges, and helping them to celebrate their success.

Our Business Plan for 2024/25 is based on 4 key pillars of activity are COMMERCIAL GROWTH, ADVOCACY, MEMBERSHIP AND ENVIRONMENT SOCIAL GOVERNANCE (ESG).

We are seen as the go to organisation for lobbying and advocacy, we have strong relationships with the main policymakers, we deliver over 50 events each year, support professional development, provide access to a raft of business resources and exclusive services.  We empower businesses to grow and thrive.

Knowsley Chamber is the largest independent, private sector led business group in Knowsley.   Our reach is wide, and our membership includes some of the largest businesses in the Liverpool City region, as well as a raft of excellent SME, community interest companies and charities.

With regular access and communication to over 2,500 businesses, we are here to champion, represent and respond as the voice of business.

But our impact extends beyond our members. We actively contribute to Knowsley’s economic development by promoting job creation, business retention, and community-based support. By collaborating with various stakeholders, we work to delivering social impact, shared goals and objectives.  We help to foster a thriving business ecosystem.

Our affiliation with the prestigious British Chamber of Commerce and the Department for International Trade, means we are uniquely positioned to provide the support and resources businesses need to succeed locally, nationally, and globally.   We work tirelessly to prioritise the key issues facing local businesses, including people and skills, infrastructure, environmental responsibility, business resilience, growth and trade, diversity, inclusion, ESG, and social value. Through our sector networks, place forums, and effective communication channels, we inform, listen, learn, and advocate for businesses on critical issues.

Join forces with Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber community to unlock the full potential of your business.   For more information about the benefits of Chamber membership click here or email

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