White Moss Horticulture are focusing on Healthy Employees!



White Moss Horticulture Limited are a business which recycles green waste and manufactures horticulture products for high street retailers with an office in Kirkby. They have been an active participant in the Working Well programme, achieving a Gold standard two years in a row.

The business has benefitted from Blood Pressure awareness training in 2018, and have been focusing on how to improve the health and wellbeing even more in their business. White Moss horticulture have recently employed the services of ‘The Healthy Employee’ who are supporting the business to put together topics and programmes to make an impact on their employees lives both in work and at home.

So far, they have had:

February – Alcohol & Smoking support. This included smoking cessation support and alcohol content information, with a demo of the ‘Beer Goggles’ to demonstrate the effect of alcohol on balance.

March– Cholesterol & Blood Sugar awareness. White Moss have welcomed cholesterol and diabetes testing in the workplace to open the conversation up about lifestyle behaviours and changes that can be made.

The business then plan to have further sessions with topics around; Food Planning, Stress Management, Physical Activity and Sleep.

As well as their own internal wellbeing programme, they are actively promoting other schemes such as the Zero Suicide Alliance, Mates in Mind and are training several their staff to be Mental Health First Aiders.