The Manufacturing Network has representation from:-

  • The SME sector
  • The automotive industry (advanced manufacturers such as Jaguar Landrover and Getrag-Ford)
  • Heavy engineering companies such as KME Yorkshire Copper Tube

Whilst 20% of the businesses based in Knowsley are involved in the manufacturing sector (10% above the national average), this figure does not include those in the supply chain.

The Manufacturing Network's aims are to:

  • Encourage and develop best practice across all manufacturing businesses and the associated sub-sectors;
  • Galvanise those businesses involved in the sector to make better use of innovation, technology and training to improve efficiency;
  • Help to develop and support growth and competitiveness within the sector;
  • Work alongside strategic partners to generate long-term sustainable employment opportunities;
  • Attract inward investment and new businesses into the borough;

Whilst the network is based in Knowsley our events and workshops attract business within the Liverpool City Region and beyond. This is especially relevant through the strong links with The Environment Network (TEN) and the Synergy Workshops where "manufacturing waste is another company's wants".

If you are invovled in the Manufacturing Sector and would like to join our Network, and/or receive information on news, events, or training then please:

TELEPHONE: 0151 477 1356 or email

Manufacturers can receive a FREE manufacturing review (a Manufacturing Advisory Service practitioner assesses existing manufacturing practises and processes). The review is designed to help you identify those areas within the business that significantly impact on performance and increase profitability.

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