Working Well


Working Well is an initiative that is supported and funded by Knowsley Public Health.  Knowsley Chamber of Commerce has been the delivery partner for Working Well since 2011.  The scheme is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Knowsley’s workforce.

As a much-valued Knowsley based business, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce can offer your organisation a range of FREE services that can improve the health and wellbeing of your employees, support your efforts to reduce sickness absence, and assist you in complying with Health and Safety legislation.  Working Well is available to all businesses and you don’t have to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce to access the programme.

We know that there is a distinct link between investment in the health and wellbeing of employees and positive outcomes for the organisation and the employee.   Investment in employee health does not need to be large amounts of money.  Through the years of delivering Working Well we have found that investment of time can have huge rewards, therefore this scheme aims to provide benefits with little or no monetary investment. A full-time Working Well Co-Ordinator is employed by Knowsley Chamber to support and advise businesses that wish to improve their workplace health and wellbeing.

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“Since working  with The Chamber and particularly the Working Well team we have made valuable partnerships with local business across the borough which enhance our business, the members and staff. We are able to connect easily to funding opportunities and best working practice”   Lynn Wilson – Volair

“The training allows us to recognise the signs of mental ill health earlier and to be more confident when dealing with the mental health of our employees and in everyday life.” Stacey Hannon, Heritage Boiler Steam Services Ltd

“The Healthy Workplace funding support from Knowsley Chamber meant we have been able to convert a previously unused toilet cubicle in our onsite amenities block into a fully functional electric shower block. We have 40% of our driver workforce who spend between 2 and 5 nights away from home every week,  they rely on services and truck stops to access the wash facilities but regularly visit our depot on their travels.

Having the new on-site wash facilities will provide a superior “home away from home” facility for all our workforce,  drivers who maybe didn’t like to use the facilities on the road as they are often dirty and heavily congested will now have access 24/7 to this new on-site shower facility.

Additionally having the wash facilities will allow our depot to open overnight to third party parking to offer out parking to other hauliers visiting.”

In addition, we were allowed to make application for a small Working Well Grant to install a cold-water filtration unit fitted to the kitchen sink.  This was fitted early April 2023 and provides filtered water for staff to use at their leisure, thus saving money on bottled water as well as being an environmentally friendly option due to less plastic waste.  Alex Lomas – Director, Reformation Logistics