The 100 Club is live – get in touch to show your support for The Shakespeare North Playhouse

Knowsley Chamber is joining forces with The Shakespeare North Playhouse to launch a new initiative that will help to capture local business support for this landmark cultural development. The 100 Club will galvanise local business enthusiasm for this exciting project, and create a dedicated pot of money that will be donated to support the development of the Playhouse, which has already started on site in Prescot.  

Lesley Martin-Wright, Chief Executive, Knowsley Chamber, said: “Local businesses often talk to us about the exciting progress in Prescot and how the town is coming alive with new businesses, bars and restaurants. There is also a growing enthusiasm and excitement for the new Shakespeare North development. We want to capture that support and see if we can turn that business enthusiasm into pounds and create a funding pot that will boost The Shakespeare North Playhouse project and help to keep the positive momentum driving forward.”

The large bulk of funding for this landmark project has already been secured thanks to multi-million pound investment from Knowsley Council, the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the government. There are still opportunities however to financially support the project and following the generous initial donation of £250,000 from Lady Anne Dodd last month, Knowsley Chamber has received several enquiries from their members keen to know if there is any mechanism in place for local businesses to show their support.

“Members of Knowsley Chamber are always very supportive of local initiatives and are passionate about Knowsley. We work ‘better together’ in Knowsley and I am delighted that the Chamber is able to play its part in capturing and coordinating that support.

I’m going to start the ball rolling with the launch of The 100 Club and pledge the first contribution of £1000 from Knowsley Chamber. We encourage any company or organisation to get in touch to discuss how they can get involved too.”

Lesley adds “A ‘scroll’ of those contributing to The 100 Club will be created and displayed in the Shakespeare North Playhouse once open”.

Max Steinberg CBE, Chair of the Shakespeare North Playhouse Development Committee added: “I have been completely overwhelmed by the enthusiasm displayed by the local business community here in Knowsley. There is a real excitement about the Playhouse being built and also a recognition amongst businesses about the far reaching benefits this development will have for the local economy, local community and indeed the overall profile and perception of the area.

“Knowsley Council and other public sector partners have been instrumental in bringing this project this far and in transforming a vision into a reality. They have invested heavily in this development and therefore it seems only right that the business community also be given opportunities to contribute.  

“The 100 Club is a fantastic opportunity to get more involved and become part of something really wonderful.”

Alan Seeley, Chairman of Knowsley Chamber, said: “This is a great idea. I fully and enthusiastically support this initiative and I think many businesses across Knowsley will want to join The 100 Club. This initiative provides an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their support in a cohesive and powerful way.”

The inaugural contribution from Knowsley Chamber comes from funding generated from services delivered by the Chamber and not from membership contributions.