A toolkit to help with stress, confidence and managing change

Pain Point Coach, John Bullock is a former British kickboxing champion and he has taken the philosophies and practices from that discipline and developed a toolkit to help people deal with stress, confidence issues and managing change in their lives.

Under the branding of the Paint Point Coach, John delivers his methods via online courses, retreats and bespoke workshops which he holds for a number of companies and organisations including the British Army having recently delivered a workshop on finding flow.

John Bullock tells us more about his work…

I am an Action Business Educator…I help individuals, companies and organisations ‘learn by doing’ taking them from the practice arena to the performance arena.

I recently held a ‘retreat day’ looking at improving self-image to increase personal confidence when under stressful conditions. A nurse who attended my retreat made me aware of how useful she felt the Confidence & awareness training when dealing with knives workshop was and how it could help nurses, for example, when leaving the workplace alone on dark nights and walking e.g. into a car park and left feeling vulnerable.

She made mention of this owing to the fact that one component of the retreat mirrored ongoing workshops that I host dealing with a variety of assertiveness techniques to help reduce the risks of physical confrontation when perceiving danger.

Workshops include:

Workshop 1 – 1hr – Body language techniques when under pressure and interpreting body language to encourage favourable outcomes.

Workshop 2 – 1hr – Reinforcement of previous lesson. Dealing with threats to personal safety on a 121 basis.

Workshop 3 – 1hr – Reinforcement of previous week’s lesson. Dealing with multiple threats to personal safety within one defined moment of time.

A workshop is typically delivered in one morning or afternoon or protracted over 3 weeks according to a client’s needs and convenience.

The focus is on simple but effective tactics, enabling someone to quickly gain the awareness and confidence necessary to control or remove themselves from a situation before a dangerous physical scenario ensues.

In addition to gaining the confidence, which admittedly is huge in creating self-belief around the ability to succeed in dealing with threats and imminent danger, there are other activities taught too.

For example, these include breathwork to help someone breathe correctly when under stress, plus additional body and verbal language training. All these practices contribute to controlling your environment, interaction and distance to your advantage.

I am a qualified teacher (non-practising), with more than forty years of experience as a martial artist providing workshops for a diverse range of people and organisations including most recently, the British Army.

I would relish the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my workshop could build confidence in your team to deal with difficult situations.

The cost of this workshop for Chamber members would be £119.99 per person in a group setting of up to 30.

John Bullock. PainPoint Coach