A passion for buildings runs right through all that we do at ACR. We are an award winning experienced team of committed individuals who believe in design without compromising form and function, delivering projects with enthusiasm and imagination. Our vision is to design, construct and care for buildings that people can enjoy and work effectively in. Our mission for any client is to meet the demands of virtually any brief. Our commitment means we not only keep up with contemporary building wisdom but are also leaders in its practice.

With nearly 40 years heritage we can offer really mindful, practical building solutions. ACR undertake services as varied as structural and architectural design, project management, legal compliance auditing and bespoke property care services for all types of building. Every project is different, but we address each one with the same care and attention it deserves – small or large!

Phone No. 01744 621 669
Address Suite 5C, Stanley Grange, Ormskirk Road, Knowsley, Merseyside L34 4AR