FOCUS: Keeping Knowsley moving

This month in FOCUS, we speak to two Chamber members that are keeping Knowsley moving… First up is Kenny Jones of Momentum UK who has been helping drivers to get their vocational driving licences for more than 20 years. We also catch-up with Paul Hanson and Ann Murphy from Sovereign Transport Service to hear about transport and logisitics and their community action

Momentum UK

From Trainer to Tiktok Star, Kenny Jones of Momentum UK got a chance of a lifetime when approached by YouTube star Simon Wilson to drive the bus for the Liverpool Fans for just £1 fare for the  final of the Champions League this year.

With twenty years of driving and training under his belt Kenny was up for the challenge, and has since been named the funniest coach driver in the UK, with over 628K likes and 5.4M Views on his Tiktok, Ken Jones873 (@kenjones873) TikTok | Watch Ken Jones873’s Newest TikTok Videos.

Kenny has become a household name to many of his customers. He said; ‘It was a fantastic opportunity, I loved every minute of it’.

Now, with his wheels firmly back in the UK Kenny is looking to the future with Momentum.‘You need a good foundation, good experience, good vehicle to train in, established national registered drivers, and an excellent pass rate.’

‘It’s an challenging environment, but there’s lots of opportunity. Go and grab it, have a go. If you’re unsuccessful, have another go’

Kenny has trained over 300 new drivers, and has a 91% success rate of first time passes.‘I’m here for their success,’ Kenny says.

Momentum is going from strength to strength and is looking to expand and recruit in the near future. ‘We have a good time, and we learn as well. As always, start your journey with Momentum’

Kenny has been helping drivers to get their vocational driving licences in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Exeter, Sunderland and the south-east for over 20 years, giving driving licences to hundreds of new drivers. If you’re thinking of a career change and need a PCV licence or need your company drivers trained – then call Momentum UK.

Momentum UK (Northwest) Ltd

Sovereign Transport Service Ltd 

Sovereign Transport has been going from strength to strength. Starting with one vehicle, 23 years ago, they now have 110 vehicles, and 140 staff.

‘We’ve got some big companies that we work with, and small independents as well, we’ll look after any business that needs freight moving across the UK.’ said Paul Hanson, sales manager for Sovereign Transport.

‘As you can imagine transport and road industry is tough at present. Due to massive fuel increases and the end of the pandemic which we worked every day through delivering products, we still get no help from the Government but crack on with what we do best.’

However, the team make sure they still find time to support the local community. Sovereign Transport has teamed up the Owen McVeigh foundation, a Merseyside based charity that helps children and their families who are suffering with cancer; Owen McVeigh Foundation | Helping sick children and their families. For the first time in their 23 years Sovereign Transport has given names to their trucks.

‘We have started naming trucks in honour of the boys and girls who are going through tough times with their illness. Hopefully knowing a truck is out there with their name on can give them a little boost and hopefully they can get to see them once they are well enough.’

Staff members at Sovereign Transport will also be taking part in an Abseil down the Anglican Cathedral to raise money for The Owen McVeigh Foundation on the 23rd July, so far six members of staff have bravely signed up for this challenge, you can donate here; Sovereign Transport is fundraising for Owen McVeigh Foundation (

Paul said; ‘we wanted to give back to the community, to our local area. We are also sponsoring a kid’s tournament in the ‘AFC Knowsley weekend tournaments’ for our youngsters and supported AFC Knowsley by buying some advertising hoardings on their new pitch.’

‘We as a business are still growing, still investing and looking forward to the next 23 years and all that will be thrown at us in road transport.’

Sovereign Transport Service Ltd