Increased Knowsley Apprenticeship funding available now

The Knowsley Apprenticeship grant has been increased to £4,500 per apprentice, the increase of 50% is to support your business during this difficult period.

The Knowsley Apprentice programme supports employers each year in recruiting an apprentice.  We have decided to go ahead with our summer recruitment this year but will not be able to cover assessment days as we would usually due to social distancing.

This will not cause any issues as each local college  will be offering their assessment before being signed up for apprenticeship qualification.  We will be flexible with recruitment in light of the current circumstances and are also proposing to do another recruitment for January as we realise businesses may not be able to commit at this point.

Taking everything into consideration for 1 year only the Knowsley Apprenticeship grant has been increased to £4,500 per apprentice, the increase of 50% is to support your business with additional costs incurred due to the effects of COVID-19 adaptions and working practices.

Below are details on what the service has to offer, if you are interested in securing funding this year all Apprentice Job Descriptions (Click here for JD template) must be completed and return to no later than 29 June 2020.

 Our Service:

  • The Knowsley Apprentice programme offers a grant to the employer of £4,500 per Apprentice.  (See breakdown attached)  The grant can be used to match fund the Apprentices salary or pay towards the apprenticeship qualification if the employer is a none levy paying employer.
  • Initial consultation with the employer / Manager to obtain all relevant information on the Apprenticeship job vacancy
  • Support in completion of a Job description/Vacancy stencil should this be required
  • Advertisement of vacancies via KMBC website, LCR Partners & providers, schools Career events, the City region apprenticeship hub and local news letters to residents.
  • Application form matching and sifting
  • Scheduling and arranging interviews
  • Supporting interview processes (if required)
  • A qualified and experienced mentor will facilitate regular reviews to guarantee sustainability.
  • All apprentices will be supported through an academic college course which will enhance skills and knowledge within the workplace.  Changes have taken place over the years and depending on young person age there may be a costing for the qualification.


New proposed timeline below:

  • 29th June – deadline for job descriptions from employers
  • 6th July – Go Live
  • 10th August – Closing date
  • 11/12th August – Packs to employers
  • 19th August – shortlisting back from employers
  • W/C 24 & 31 August – Interviews
  • September – starts


Apprenticeship payment breakdown

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council will provide a £4,500 grant to support employers in taking a Knowsley Apprentice paying National Minimum Wage not Apprentice rate. The increase in funding is for 1 year only due to the current situation (covid19)

This breakdown is based on a 1 year apprenticeship programme.

Please see example calculations below depending on the number of hours the apprentice works which must be at least 30:

All calculations are based on 30 hours per week

16-17 42 weeks at £4.55 = £136.50 pw


£5,733.00pa Minus £4,500 £1,233.00
18-20 42 weeks at £6.45 =

£193.50 pw



Minus £4,500 £3,627.00
21-24 42 weeks at £8.20 = £246.00 £10,332.00 Minus £4,500 £5,832.00
If opted into NLW 42 weeks at £8.72 = 261.60 £10,987.20 Minus




If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Knowsley Apprenticeship Team on 0151 443 2261/2599.